Timur Bozca Talks 105m Expedition Yacht, Esquel

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Luxury transport design is rarely about the vessel. Just ask yacht designer Timur Bozca; for 2015’s Young Designer of the Year, it’s about where the experience takes you; most noted for high-performance, futurist concepts like the Cauta sailing yacht and Black Swan, Bozca divines yacht concepts that are highly original yet deceptively simple; unveiled at the 2091 Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), Esquel—a 105m diesel-electric expedition yacht, is Bozca’s first launched a project with Oceanco; and it may be the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Oceanco collaborates with world-acclaimed designers to bring state-of-the-art, never done before concepts. For Bozca, such collaboration is nothing short of a boon. Esquel’s launch comes amid historic wins for the custom yacht builder. At the 2019 Design & Innovation Awards, Oceanco’s 90m DAR took home the coveted ‘’Judges’ Commendation Award for Best Technical Achievement.’’ Their 106.7m Black Pearl received honors for “Best Naval Architecture for Sailing Yachts.” Both Black Pearl and DAR also took home the highest honors at the World Superyacht Awards gala last month in London.

Esquel Expedition Yacht, Greenland. Photo: Timur Bozca Design

There are a few things to consider. Firstly, Esquel takes its moniker from a meteorite found near Esquel, a Patagonian town in the Northwestern part of the Chubut Province in Argentina. Made of solid metal and translucent crystals, Esquel, the meteorite combines elements found in a rare destination. Hence the concept. Enter Timur Bozca.

“The inspiration for Esquel was a space rocket,’’ Bozca tells DRW. “Esquel represents an unfamiliar revolutionary type of multi-purpose super yacht.” “Esquel”, Bozca continues, “is the perfect blend between an expedition vessel and a sophisticated superyacht, combining pure luxury and comfort; her lines are high-tech and chic.”

Secondly, whether it’s camping overnight at some lush, ice-capped UNESCO World Heritage Site, desert camel trekking, or kayaking the fjords of Oman, any and every option is available to the owner.

Esquel Expedition Yacht, Gulf of Oman. Photo: Timur Bozca

Esquel is an extreme expedition yacht capable of breaking the ice and weathering heavy seas in any hemisphere. She is also equipped with a state-of-the-art compact diesel-electric propulsion architecture, able to reach top speeds of 16.5 knots. As an expedition yacht, Esquel also has a cruising range of 7000 nautical miles at 13 knots, even in polar regions.

Esquel, MD (main deck). Photo: Timur Bozca Design

Thirdly, the vessel offers a 230 square-meter tender garage, fast rib boats, varietal tenders, water sports toys, and diving gear. An expansive uncluttered main deck measures 200 square meters, has an aft deck glass superstructure with an enclosed pool and wellness area with panoramic views. For instance, there’s plenty of space. Esquel accommodates locked containers of any sort and additional tenders if you need it. Esquel can also deploy two submarines, a land vehicle, off-road motorbikes, and a helicopter.

Finally, only 80% of the world’s yachting takes place in 20% of the world’s oceans. Of that, what is actually beneath the ocean accounts for just 5% of what we know. Esquel represents the masterful interplay between advances in superyacht design and style, one the one hand, and advances in extreme adventure and private exploration, on the other. Which, to say the least, is a form of unrivaled aquatic primacy that could revolutionize the industry (something the Dutch may know a thing or two about).