Bombardier’s Global 8000 World’s Fastest, Longest-range Business Jet

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Back in 2019, we reported on Bombardier’s plans for the Global 8000 for Haute Time and Haute Living. Now that the Global 8000 has been launched, we’ve updated and republished it here in the DRW Blog. 

By Team DRW®

Bombardier’s Global 8000 is upon us – and in grand style, no less. Different from the ultra-long-range Global 7500, the Global 8000 travel range has increased by 300nm (555 km) to 7,900 nautical miles (14,631 km).

With its innovative Smooth Flex Wing and super-efficient Passport engines, the Global 8000 reaches top speed at Mach 0.94, making it the fastest business jet in the skies, and now connects some of the world’s most unprecedented city pairings: Los Angeles to Dubai, Sydney to Sao Paulo, Tokyo to San Juan.

Bombardier’s flagship family of Global aircraft uniquely covers the large business jet category with six aircraft models, including its flagship ultra-long-range Global 7500 aircraft (and now the Global 8000). The newest edition to the family features next-generation fly-by-wire technology and a Bombardier Vision flight deck that blends cutting-edge avionics with exceptional ergonomics and aesthetics for optimal comfort and control.

Launched in May 2022, “The Global 8000 aircraft leverages,” says Éric Martel, Bombardier’s President and Chief Executive Officer, “the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era. We remain unmatched, which for an innovation-focused team like us, is great.”

The Global 8000 aircraft is the only true four-zone cabin business jet to have a range of 8,000 nautical miles – and it more than delivers even when it comes to comfort.

With its spacious four personalized suites ergonomically designed to maximize space and freedom of movement, the Global 8000 also incorporates the revolutionary features introduced on the Global 7500 aircraft that dramatically improve passenger comfort, including the Soleil circadian lighting system to help combat jet lag. Coupled with the innovative Nuage seat with the first-ever zero gravity position, passengers will arrive at their destinations revitalized and refreshed.

Photo: Bombardier

Back in 2019, Bombardier re-emphasized its commitment to bringing the aircraft to market. ’We are still exploring options on the Global 8000. There are a number of items we are working on with an eye on what that would be,’’ Stephen McCollough, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development said.

While activity on the Global 8000 is picking up, McCullough says it is a “fair comment,” to suggest that the Global 8000’s specifications will change from their current guise as “taking a bit of cabin out for 200 extra nautical miles is not intuitively something that would be a differentiator.”

The unique selling point of any Bombardier aircraft, however, is cabin design. One that weaves comfort, connectivity, innovation, and expert engineering into a seamless, ultra-long-range experience. Here’s Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Industrial Design Manager, Tim Fagan.

“The specification process for personalizing a Bombardier business aircraft to completion typically takes place over several meetings,” he says. “The Bombardier Business Aircraft team focuses primarily on gathering information about the customer: their plans for the aircraft, frequent missions, city pairings, and how many passengers would typically be aboard.”

Photo: Bombardier

“This helps guide the overall layout of the aircraft cabin, including the number and location of seats, sofas, entertainment suites, monitors, entertainment equipment, and possibly communications antennas for cabin connectivity, and other optional features. The aircraft team also proposes variations that might meet customer requirements, including bespoke features. So, these requests can also be discussed.”

At this stage, the aircraft team also discusses color and material preference with the client to help guide interior design vis-à-vis personal tastes. From exotic leathers and woods to carpets and metal finishes, the designer builds various material boards that are refined throughout the process. From here, a digital ‘first impression’ of the future aircraft emerges.

Fagan continues. “From this, the engineering team in Montreal develops a formal proposal of both the technical elements of the aircraft, as well as photorealistic renderings of the design proposals; depending on customer availability, the requirements of the design proposal, and the timeline of custom material samples, multiple meetings may lead to the final aircraft configuration; and a final aircraft definition, including technical specification, visuals, and material samples is be presented to the customer for approval.”

Photo: Bombardier

The total volume of the Global 8000 cabin is 2,236 cubic feet, smaller than that of the Global 7000. The cabin has three zones and 195 cubic feet of baggage compartment volume make up for a smaller cabin.

Then there is Bombardier’s technological innovation. First, there is the fly-by-wire system. Fly-by-wire technology replaces conventional flight controls and allows the aircraft’s computers to perform tasks without the pilot’s input to stabilize the aircraft for smooth, uninterrupted flight.

Bombardier’s Nuage seat adds another dimension of luxury previously, the first new seat architecture in business aviation in thirty years. Bombardier’s Nuage seating architecture becomes key because it facilitates the kind of movement that reflects the desires, personal tastes, and lifestyles of their clientele. Nuage seating is the industry’s first new seating architecture in 30 years.

Photo: Bombardier

Designed to maximize comfort and relaxation on long-haul flights, Nuage introduces an all-new, ergonomically perfected deep recline position – unavailable on any other business aircraft. Unlike other aircraft seats where only the back pivots, pushing the body forward and leading to discomfort, Nuage dips the seat as the back is reclined, fully cradling the body and ensuring optimal comfort.

Like the Global 7500, the Global 8000 reaches a top speed of Mach 0.925, and cruises at 0.85 with a capacity of up to 17 passengers and four crew members. Priced at $78 million, top-notch connectivity, functionality, comfort, layout, and aesthetics are impressively transformed into an extension of one’s personality, something the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) absolutely cannot live without. And when it finally comes to market, the Global 8000 will be more than a luxury business jet; it just may be the penultimate expression of exclusivity.

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