Lux Holiday Homes Preferred Among UAE Visitors

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With Ramadan and Eid fast approaching, it’s time to shut off. From private beaches to concierge facilities, the UAE’s luxury holiday homes market continues to offer extraordinary experiences.

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he United Arab Emirates is a popular tourist destination among world travelers because it offers everything from captivating architecture to unrivaled privacy. Besides related travel industries, it’s the luxury holiday homes sector that has been witnessing a boom.

Globally, travel is back to the pre-Covid levels. In fact, travel rebound continues to exceed expectations. According to the people at Skyscannertravel searches are up +185% compared to 2022; booking windows are returning to pre-pandemic level; and Dubai’s Department of Tourism reports that Dubai received 14.36 million international overnight visitors in 2022, growing 97% year-over-year from 7.28 million arrivals in 2021.

“Dubai particularly has seen an increase in visitors from India, the UK, France, and South Asian countries given that the city has the best to offer from all corners of the world. You could say travel is back with a vengeance,” says Vinayak Mahtani, CEO of bnbme Holiday Homes. “Holiday homes,” he continues, “are the most preferred choice for travelers, given they offer privacy, safety, and luxury altogether.”

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Demand for luxury rental properties has grown from 10,000 to 25,000 active properties in the last twelve months. This, as the number of high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) traveling and settling in Dubai, shows no sign of slowing down.

Perhaps that’s why the UAE is keen to craft policies and procedures that support the demand for alternatives to hotels and hotel apartments. In January of this year, for example, the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) announced new updates to its holiday homes system. It simplified the process for homeowners and operators to convert their properties into holiday homes for travelers visiting the emirate, according to news reports.

Travel industry insiders believe initiatives such as these benefit new investors and communities alike. This trend now tops many travelers’ to-do lists, with 18.9 million Google searches for “holiday homes in the UAE.” Not a surprise after having been locked down for almost three years.

Photo: bnbme Holiday Homes

A number of factors make the UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, an extraordinary destination for holiday homes global market.

First, for those who like to travel to Dubai with their family but prefer staying indoors, the holiday home concept works best for them.

Second, the UAE is a hotbed for high-value attractions – from museums, year-long art and cultural exhibitions, and shopping malls, to beachfront residences, private beaches, room service, and concierge facilities.

And finally, there is a growing appeal in the region for regional tourism and heritage sites. Just this week, the Al Shindagha Museum – the UAE’s largest heritage museum – was inaugurated, featuring a whopping 22 pavilions and 80 historic houses. which previews the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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Also joining the long list of museums opening across the UAE is a new Classical Film Museum to celebrate pioneers in Arab cinema. As recently as last week, Anasi Media, the Arab World Institute in Paris, and the UAE Cultural Ambassadorship of the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) announced the establishment of the Classical Film Museum in Abu Dhabi.

And who could forget Dubai’s most talked about futurist architectural triumph, the Museum of the Future? Opened to the public in February of last year, the museum welcomed over 1 million visitors from 163 countries since its inauguration!

Hence, the value of regional travel is skyrocketing throughout the Gulf, and the UAE is keen to take advantage of the growing trend. “With Eid and Easter overlapping this year,” Mahtani adds, “we are not seeing a usual Ramadan dip for guests traveling to Dubai. Over the past years, the UAE government has been liberalizing the environment around Ramadan, with several places now serving food and hotels operating as usual.”

As the luxury retail market continues to grow, HNW and UHNW travelers are planning to spend more time in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, respectively. The luxury travel market – everything from hotels and holiday homes to expedition cruises and port tourist facilities – is awash in opportunities. So, if you’re looking for unrivaled privacy during Ramadan and Eid this year, make luxury holiday homes your go-to for bespoke travel experiences, moments of cultural connection, and sustainable business.

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