S2:E2: The Life and Leadership of Jonny Dodge

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With close ties to the world’s most powerful and influential people, Jonny Dodge has long been a global player among the international elite. MN learns more about his passions, projects, and goals for the planet.

“I ALWAYS WANT to be number one in the world at something.”

So says My Ocean, GPM Management CEO, and Forbes Superyacht influencer Jonny Dodge.

And that is exactly what he is: number one… everywhere.

The nomadic luxurian-cum-business magnet delivers never-done-before luxury travel experiences for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clientele in everything from superyachts and jet solutions to space tourism, supercar rallies, sustainability projects in Southeast Asia – oh yeah, and pals around with billionaire mates like Virgin Group co-founder, Richard Branson.

Yes. Richard Branson.

Charismatic. Visionary. Disruptive.

Call him what you will, but you should call him the vanguard of next-generation entrepreneurship.

Born into a family with a rich heritage in the maritime industry, Dodge’s fascination with luxury began at a young age. The experiences of his youth, like hanging out at Monaco boat shows, as he intimates, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for life are the driving force that sowed the seeds for his current success.

His first entrepreneurial ventures involved catering to the wealthiest clientele; he quickly earned a reputation for his exceptional negotiation skills, attention to detail, and ability to provide tailor-made solutions and extraordinary events like The Grand Prix Ball; Race Week Festival; Dodgeball Supercar Rally; and the Gumball Rally, to name a few.

Result: Dodge parlayed his passions into a group of enormously successful companies through which he gets to influence the most important people on the planet and, in doing so, become a beacon of innovation and remain – much to no one’s chagrin – a habitual boundary pusher.

Alongside his impressive success in the superyacht market with My Ocean and personal Jet solutions with Your Sky, Dodge has also ventured into the public sphere through the Global Committee, an organization that brings together the best minds from around the planet, as Dodge puts it, “through a series of events and through our impact find, resulting in true change and innovation that will affect billions of lives for the better.”

There is One Young World, a youth leadership summit, supported by the Global Committee, that boasts “the largest corporate footprint of any organization in the third sector” and provides invaluable resources to young leaders with connections to at least 200 global businesses, NGOs, and educational institutions.

Then there is Bali Fields, a community of villas on lush rice fields in the heart of Bali on the edge of Canggu. Bali Fields is about building a community of like-minded and visionary entrepreneurs committed to building great ideas for the world. And with annual returns of up to 20% on the investment, this is more than an investment. This is 

FYI: Phase 1 is sold out.

The rise of social media and the influencer culture has opened new avenues for individuals like Dodge (with 131k followers on Instagram) to extend their influence. Recognizing the potential of leveraging these platforms, his embrace of digital marketing strategies has positioned him to reach more than 8 million people across social channels in February alone.

With his ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous pursuit of innovation, Dodge will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world. His relentless drive to transform every industry he touches, through his business ventures and philanthropic endeavors, exemplifies his dedication to leaving a positive and lasting impact.

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Maritime Novella, the signature lifestyle podcast of DRW Communications LLC, is a show for connoisseurs of superyacht life. MN celebrates the sophisticated brand philosophies, pioneering technologies, and customer-driven omnichannel experiences driving lifestyle and travel today.

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