S1:E1: Enrico Gobbi & Team for Design

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We kick off episode one in grand style by talking to Enrico Gobbi, celebrated yacht architect and Founder of the Venice-based firm, Team for Design. We discuss everything from design partnerships and his work in residential architecture, to an exclusive Team for Design art collection premiering soon.

Enrico Gobbi and Team for Design have become one of the world’s most innovative Yacht Design and Architectural firms. Fusing a passion for exceptional design aesthetics, world-class interiors, and unparalleled engineering, their portfolio of collaborations (think: Dreamline Yachts, and Rossinavi) continue to turn design orthodoxy on its head. So, it’s only fitting that Season One glean insight from the CEO and Founder of Team for Design himself.

To appreciate the magnitude of talent involved in bringing a vessel like Utopia IV to life, one must understand how it all comes together. “To create such an ambitious project as Utopia,” Gobbi says, “a very strong network of people was involved, all with the same aim that was to deliver the client’s dream.” But that’s not all. Team for Design has created residential projects in Majorca, Dubai, and New York, as well.

Enrico Gobbi Founder, Team for Design, Image: Team for Design.

Here are the takeaways from our discussion:

  • In the age of COVID, requests from superyacht and private aviation clients are surging.
  • Utopia IV was the creation of three families: Rossinavi; Team for Design; and the Owner’s team.
  • Why residential and yacht projects are completely different.
  • A new 80m interior/exterior megayacht in the works.
  • The interiors and roof terrace design of a private penthouse in New York to be unveiled in 2021.

Utopia IV, Upper Deck Salon. Image: Team for Design.

Partnerships are always a marriage between two brands, two partners, so they have to connect. Ultimately, a brand partnership is about communicating brand value through emotional reach—from HQ down to the client.

These partnerships allow us to share in the prestige and the performance of our partners and explains our reason for being. In this respect, that is the biggest takeaway of them all. And we have Enrico Gobbi and Team for Design to thank for it. Grazie!

Private residence project. Venice, Italy. Image: Team for Design.

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Maritime Novella, the signature lifestyle podcast of DRW Communications LLC, is a show for connoisseurs of superyacht life. MN celebrates the sophisticated brand philosophies, pioneering technologies, and customer-driven omnichannel experiences driving lifestyle and travel today.

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