Deliver Subject Matter Expertise That Connects With the Decision-making and Buying Behavior of Your UHNW Prospects and Clients.

In the age of digital, traditional public relations comes across as old-fashioned.

Understood by most people as a form of journalism, public relations was based on a model in which PR pros “engineered” public opinion for an organization and then communicated that information to the public.

And to be honest, most public relations agencies hover somewhere around this mode of communication.

But . . . the game has changed.

The internet and social media (think: Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc.) have made it possible for organizations to communicate directly with their publics – and for publics to communicate in return.

Traditional media such as TV, radio, and print media, must be complimented with digital only media, backlink strategy, and

With so many options available, you must be strategic about attracting and educating stakeholders, publics, and advocacy groups.

So how do you, as an executive, move the needle?

Thought leadership marketing provides the exact blueprint you need to build an audience hungry for your content.

 It also allows you to create clear points of difference through brand positioning, connect with your customers, and drive sales outcomes.

Think about what executing a thought leadership strategy could mean for your business.

Maybe you want to produce ideas that get attention in new markets.

Maybe you want to drive sales outcomes by leveraging sales and marketing with public relations.

Maybe you want to deliver subject matter expertise and insight through guest blogging and contributed content.

Or maybe you’re looking to create a blueprint for planning, packaging, and supporting your content.

Here is how our core, rolling 6-month, 3-phase thought leadership program works

Phase 1: We help you define a thought leadership strategy that aligns your business and communication goals.

Phase 2: We work with you to craft and publish thought leadership content that compliments your sales and marketing processes.

Phase 3: We teach you how to create a content architecture that uses a mix of marketing, media, and sales channels.

What is in it for you. . . 

  • Media Persona Research
  • Dedicated Copywriter
  • LinkedIn Polishing
  • Inbound Newsroom Build + Management
  • Media Outreach
  • Up to 2 Press Releases (English + Arabic)
  • Guest Blogging + Opinion Editorial
  • Speaking Opportunities
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At DRW Communications, we believe that magic happens when reputation and brand building come together; our team works with you to develop a deep, nuanced understanding of your business, your goals and your unique challenges; and we develop and execute your campaign, from start to finish.

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